How Twitter and Hootsuite Can Boost Social Engagement

I have always been drawn to the arts and humanities. Through my educational endeavors and community projects over the years, I found my skills could be best utilized in marketing, where I can generate ideas and put them into motion. I want to use these skills to draw communities closer through supporting arts and humanities locally “in their own backyards.” I am not referring to larger art museums supported by corporations in close proximity. I am focusing more on the smaller arts centers and galleries, theatres, music, and other nonprofit organizations that need help with increasing public awareness and community involvement. Many of these organizations do not have the funds to advertise and “get the word out” about their missions. Not everyone can afford yearly memberships and subscription fees. Through attending single events, volunteering, becoming a mentor, or simply helping to “get the word out,” together, we can make a world of difference.

In starting my mission, I know I need to have an effective website presence and reach my intended audiences, which will be a wide range of individuals, all with one common goal of supporting this mission. To reach these audiences, social media will play an integral role.

Twitter is a great social media platform as it will allow for short announcements and “short blurbs” (<140 characters) commonly known as “tweets” about arts-related events happening in communities and ways communities can help to make them successful. Twitter gives followers the opportunity to talk about what they care about and what is happening right now. It opens the door for people to discuss what is on their minds. Through Twitter, sharing this information along with links to blogs and direct links to a specific arts organization's website will connect messages to "what's most meaningful to customers in real time," while increasing traffic. If I choose to follow someone (or an organization), it is at their discretion as to whether they follow me. Twitter is an excellent platform for promoting a product or service and driving word-of-mouth communication.

Hootsuite is a valuable social media tool that provides some great benefits. Hootsuite will give me the opportunity to see if my online presence is drawing any viewers and will enable me to track results. If I am away for any length of time, my updates can be scheduled in advance to be posted for certain times and dates. After all, for my future fellow social media followers, I do not want to be "MIA" (missing in action). An inactive presence means less followers and little generated interest. Instead of having to carry a computer to stay connected, Hootsuite allows for accounts to be accessed from smartphones, including Android and iPhone. Hootsuite allows for flexibility and easy management.

The combined benefits of Twitter allowing for instant connections in real time and Hootsuite's capability of tracking results and knowing if my intended efforts are successful, I feel that I have the tools to start this mission and enter into the unknown, yet intriguing world of social media.